How To Choose The Perfect Shower Screen and Head


We shower daily, which is why choosing the perfect shower screen and head is especially important. The following guide is designed to walk you through some of the most critical aspects of shower fixture selection before you enter the market. We will cover the various types of heads and screens, and provide addition tips and advice to help you make the most informed decision possible.


Shower Screens:

The first consideration for selecting an ideal shower screen is fit. There are several different types of screens, including fixed, swinging, folding, and sliding. Next, you should consider materials: frosted, clear, or acrylic. Finally, remaining within your budget is of the utmost importance, as shower screens have a wide range of price points.

Screen Varieties


Fixed Screen

 A fixed screen does not allow for rotation, as it is fixed to the wall. Although this variant is easy to clean and install, this popular design requires large amounts of space to allow you to move behind the screen.


Swing Screen

By utilizing a pivot to allow for opening and closing, the swing screen may also require a large amount of area for you to open and enter into the shower. A major benefit of the swing screen is that spilling is minimized onto the floor and noise may be lessened from the remainder of the bathroom.


Folding/ Sliding Screens

Folding and sliding screens require minimal space, and therefore may be the perfect solution for small bathrooms. However, with more moving parts, these types of screens may sustain damage more frequently than swing or fixed screens.



Shower Heads:

Once you have made an informed purchasing decision for your shower screen, you will want to select a matching shower head. For head selection, spray style, bathroom size, and budget will all factor into your ultimate choice. The following are some of the fixture types you may want to consider.

Single Head Spray

One of the most popular variants are single head spray shower heads, which have adjustable nozzles and distribute water using numerous spray patterns. These are perfect for anyone who prefers a classic design that is easy to install.


Rain Shower Heads

Suspended directly above you, rain showers are controlled by a single set of handles and may feature an additional hand operated shower head for greater coverage. These variants may be more expensive, however, and may require a more in-depth installation process. At the same time, the luxury experience may be worthwhile.


Hand Held Shower Heads

Hand held shower heads are attached to a flexible hose and are great for achieving full coverage during a shower. For handicapped individuals, a hand held shower head may be the perfect solution. An important consideration is that these shower heads require frequent adjustment during the shower, which may not be ideal.


Body Spray Heads

This variant is integrated entirely into the shower wall, and provides wall to wall coverage. This style may be on the upper end of your budget, however, and may require high home water pressure to provide complete shower coverage.


Final Considerations

When selecting your shower head, you should be sure that the finish matches your shower screen. A consistent look is an important consideration for any home renovation project, which is why we recommend planning in advance. Lastly, be sure to maintain a cleaning schedule for your shower screen and head to keep the finish free of spots and looking bright. We hope our guide has provided you with key insight to help you make a more informed decision. As always, be sure to reach out to our team should you have any questions or comments!

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